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Leagues for 2019:
Last year PVA provided great competitive leagues for 178 teams.  We look forward to providing you a great place to play again in 2019.  Because of the growth, we will offer 2 divisions in most ages.



2019 Summer 2 Sched Wk 5 (Sept 14th) is now available – CLICK HERE

Week 6 Tournament Schedule (Sept 21st) will be posted soon

Division 1 & Division 2:
Division 1: Club Prep Teams.  Highest Division of competition
Division 2: For teams or individuals in transition from Recreational to Club volleyball.  Also for teams that do not want to compete against the Division 1 teams.

2019 Volleyball League:
High School Divisions will only be offered for Summer 1 only.  We offer league play for 4th grade to 8th grade Summer 2 and 4th grade to 6th grade during the Fall.  The 2019 PVA league schedules will be posted on the “Leagues” section from the left menu after registration deadline.

Individuals looking to get on a PVA team:
All of PVA’s partner clubs offer opportunities for individuals to play on a PVA team.  Located at the bottom of this page are the logos of our partner clubs which take you to their website.  Look for their tryouts or process for joining a PVA team.  PVA does not hold individual tryout or place individuals on teams.

Can Teams not associated with a club play in PVA?
YES!!! You do not have to be affiliated with a club.  Any and all TEAMS are welcome to participate.  We do not place individuals on teams, but any team can play!

Volleyball League conflicts:

We can accommodate requests to take a week off if too many players have conflicts with a PVA play day.  Please email any conflicts or requests to

T-shirt Jerseys:
We will have the tshirt jerseys available for the coach or team rep when they check-in at the site prior to your first match.

The format for Friday nights are 2 games to 25 points (no cap).  We provide a 1st referee, but we will need two volunteers from each team playing (2 line judges & 2 scorers) to help finish out the referee team.

Playing Sites:
We will be using four (4) sites for PVA this year.  All sites are within a few blocks of each other.
Skyline Sports Shack:  900 Stewart Ave. Plano, TX 75074
Volleyball Institute of Plano (VIP): 10th Street Suite 400 Plano, TX 75074
Net Results: 2600 Research Drive Suite 100 Plano, TX 75074
Blocksport: 10401 Miller Road Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75238

Uniform Pickup:
Your Coach or Team Rep will pick up their jerseys on the first Friday at their Playing Site.  Each team will be provided one extra uniform for your coach to keep as needed.  Your team’s libero can wear any shirt as long as it is a different color than your team’s uniform.  If you team has uniforms, you may wear your own as long as the numbers or visible.

Check in:
A coach or team rep check-in every Friday before your first scheduled match.  There will be a Facility/PVA rep at every site.

We will be using USAV Rules.  Libero’s are able to serve in one rotation. We do want you to turn lineups into the referees before each match. There is no protests, the referee has final say on the court.  No bids to nationals at stake here, so please be kind to the referees!
Playing with 5 players.  This is allowed, but you will need to identify on the lineup the “ghost” player.  When the ghost players position is due to serve, it will be an automatic side out (point for the other team) and the opponent rotates and serves again.


Are you an individual that is seeking more training, a more competitive team, or just don’t have a team to register with?  We can help you with any and all of that.  Click on each of the affiliated club’s logos below to get more information about summer youth programs and what they each have to offer.